Mid-Shore Pro Bono receives $5,000 grant to support economic stability on the Eastern Shore

December 18, 2018

Mid-Shore Pro Bono is pleased to announce the award of a $5,000 grant from the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation to support their Economic Stability Project. Since 2010, the Economic Stability Project (formerly known as the Debtors Assistance Project) has provided free legal advice to more than 1,208 individuals and families facing bankruptcy or other consumer debt issues on the Eastern Shore.

This American College of Bankruptcy Foundation grant will fund Mid-Shore Pro-Bono’s monthly clinics providing clients with opportunities to meet with specially trained volunteer attorneys for cost-free half-hour consultations. Clinics are hosted in Kent, Talbot and Wicomico Counties. In addition to the monthly clinics, the grant will also support outreach efforts to reach potential clients facing economic hardship who may not know there is a legal remedy to their financial burden.

“The continued support of the American College of Bankruptcy allows us to help families find financial stability, which lets children grow up in safe homes with a roof over their heads and food on the table,” said Sandy Brown, Mid-Shore Pro Bono Executive Director. “The earlier we can reach clients and begin working with them, the easier it is to keep them in their homes and avoid bankruptcy and other debt related issues. Many clients don’t know their rights and are reluctant to confront these issues, but we can help. Our team is especially grateful to volunteer attorneys, Andrea Ross, Derek Hills and Ann Shaw who make this project possible by providing many hours of free legal assistance to our neighbors.”

Mid-Shore Pro Bono sustains the Economic Stability Project independently with the support of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court who established this program as well as other funders.

Monthly clinics are held in the Mid-Shore Pro Bono offices in Chestertown at 106 Spring Avenue, in Salisbury at 212 W. Main Street, and in Easton at 8 South West Street. For more information about the Economic Stability Program, please call 410-690-8128, ext. 303.