Shore Legal Access is the Eastern Shore’s Legal Network which provides free access to legal services for low-income members of our community. We strive to pair qualified families and individuals with volunteer attorneys who want to make a difference in the lives of some of the Shore’s neediest residents. An attorney partnering with Shore Legal Access can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Malpractice Insurance: Work done under the umbrella of MSPB services is covered by our Malpractice Insurance.
  • Office Space: Use of our office space for client meetings. Offices located in Easton and Salisbury. Attorneys should feel welcome to utilize our space for their own clients as well as those who qualify for pro bono services.
  • Experience: Volunteering is a great way to gain experience if you are a new attorney or a great way to venture into a new practice area if you’re an established attorney looking to grow. If you’re an experienced attorney, or need a few pointers getting started, ask us about our Mentor/Mentee program.
  • Community Recognition: Shore Legal Access partners with a wide variety of other non-profit organizations and is recognized across the Eastern Shore as a leader in providing legal services to the financially underprivileged.
  • Variety of Ways to Volunteer: Attorneys can choose to represent a client, volunteer at one of our many legal clinics, or do case review and give brief advice over the phone.
  • Flexible Pro Bono Options: Direct representation/clinics/case review/limited scope.
  • Mentoring: Get a mentor or be a mentor.
  • Reduced-Fee Opportunities: Earn up to $3500 per case for representing eligible cases ranging from Family Law to Bankruptcy to Landlord Tenant. Shore Legal Access will also refer clients not eligible for pro bono representation to attorneys willing to accept a reduced fee directly from the client. Shore Legal Access will screen and provide case management when needed.
  • Court Costs and Service of Process: Waivers for taking cases from MLSC Funded Program.
  • Networking: Meet and work with people in the legal community including judges, other attorneys, government officials, and various state agencies.
  • Annual Pro Bono Hours Report: Let Shore Legal Access keep track of your pro bono hours. Shore Legal Access keeps track of all the hours each attorney works through our program and provides individual reports at the end of the year.
  • Judicare Program: Reduced Fee Program whereby attorneys can earn $120/hr for qualified family law cases.
  • Legal Updates: Let Shore Legal Access keep you updated on changes to the law by taking part in one of our attorney panels or by signing up for our email blasts.
  • Pro Bono Resource Center: Free or reduced fee training opportunities in a wide variety of practice areas. PBRC also provides reimbursement of certain fees through their Litigation Fund for Pro Bono cases taken through Shore Legal Access .
  • Out of State Attorneys Welcome: Attorneys not licensed to practice in Maryland but licensed in other states may now volunteer their services at Shore Legal Access.  A recent rule change regarding admission to the Maryland Bar allows these attorneys to represent clients through legal service organizations in Maryland as long as they receive no compensation for their time. Shore Legal Access seeks retired Maryland lawyers who still maintain their license to provide pro bono legal services. Shore Legal Access can connect lawyers with the training and resources they might need to provide legal services to members of the community in need. Attorneys may contact Shore Legal Access for more information on the certification process.
    View Rule 19 Fact Sheet
  • Recognition: in our weekly and quarterly newsletters.



Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteer interpreters, interns, translators, and attorneys! Shore Legal Access has been providing equal access to legal services for low-income residents here on the Eastern Shore for the past 13 years. With its main office in Easton, MD, and satellite office in Salisbury, we are rooted in our community and strive to provide the highest level of legal services to our residents. We cannot achieve this without the expertise, support, and involvement of our fabulous volunteer attorneys.

Shore Legal Access’s TOP 25 Volunteer for FY 21

Nina Crist
Christine Joyce
Kevin Joyce
Matthew Penick
Andrew Adkins
Garrett Fitzgerald
Michelle Barnes
Andrea “Andie” Ross
Bridget Mahoney
Andrew Adkins
Judith Showalter
James Worm
Jesse Hammock
Amanda Forester-Cannon
Derek Hills
Timothy Abeska
Matthew Katz

Franzella Starkey
Ouranitsa Abbas
Walter Palmer
Jimmy Persels
Lance Young
Ann Shaw
David Baines
Geoffrey Cooke
David Baines
Geoffrey Cooke
Lance Young
Ann Shaw
David Baines
Geoffrey Cooke

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